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                                                                          photo: Vyto Starinskas m2013 Duane Carleton

"Carleton continues to make great rock music" - Art Edelstein, The Times Argus - 11/25/2014

"Carleton knows how to craft classic rock and roll songs...years of experience absorbing and performing great rock music...have clearly enriched his songwriting" - Robert Resnik, Seven Days 12/18/2014

"This is my favorite album to date of Carletonís. Itís been in my CD player ever since I got it, playing it over and over. I only took it out to review it." - Dave Hoffenberg, The Mountain Times 1/28/2015

"...Intelligent songwriting, and energetic guitar playing." - The Times Argus

"Songs are driven by Carleton's fine guitar work and singing...it's easy to laugh at some of the rock and roll bands making hits these days, but hearing rootsy rock done this well should make you feel a little better." - Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Well crafted radio friendly tunes. Disarmingly beautiful lyrics are par for the course on this CD. He's got a keen ability to create songs that linger in your memory long after the disc has stopped spinning. " - Seven Days 

"Torrid guitar work and over the top vocals...good stuff!" - Metronome Magazine

"Original sound and lyrics...explosive guitar...matched with catchy lyrics...it's nice to hear something real and well composed." - The Vermont Review

"That all-American rock sound that could be compared to the likes of John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen." - The Rutland Herald

"Duane's songs rock and sway with an old country and modern sensibility and span deeply personal Roots Rock and alternative music." - The Folk Times

"An oasis of highly listenable music in a desert of creativity. This singer-songwriter has something to say...Carleton's music shows keen insights into the malaise of American rural life...lyrics here are well thought out and potent. Carleton has a sharp eye for the way people in rural America live."
- The Times Argus - 



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