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a girl like that

1: A Girl Like That
2: Keep On Moving
3: I Won't Let Sunday
4: Out In The Wilderness
5: 18 Years (and a Moment)
6: Going Hollywood
7: Killing Time
8: Love and Nothing
9: Right Before Your Eyes
10: Blood In The Water
11: Let's Hold On


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The goal with this record was to take things up a notch...or two.....or maybe three....I wanted to raise the bar musically and lyrically. Musically, the songs are a little more complex and challenging to play. The playing and singing on everyone's parts is strong and emotive. Lyrically, the songs are also taken to a new level. Each makes a statement...maybe makes you think a little. The production is stepped up as well. Sonically, it harkens back to an era of musical integrity when albums were considered an art form. I employed a number of my friends and band mates in this project and they brought their strengths and skills to the table to take this record to a place that I am proud of and thankful for. This includes not only the musical talents of Jeff Poremski, Jerry Dubeau, Tim Lynch, Bob Boyer, Russ Lawton, Georgia Jones, Brian Melick and Leslie Myers Patenaude, but also to the photographic skills of Vyto Starinskas and Jess Gabelar (as well as her graphic skills too) and the modeling skills of Brittany Scheussler. This is an album meant to be listened to.....looked at.....thought about.....and I hope you do....